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Andrey was good energy at multikulti, got me to start The Garlic publicationA month of walking and wandering, Andrey comes home to Tony's for much needed rest and nourishmentTaking a nap at multikulti while we had mock presidential candidate Vermon Supreme over as a guest.Staging photo for the premiere of The GarlicActual photo used in first issue of The GarlicHelping Paddy setup his custom round table that sits 16 people, we would meet at this table for OSTOST hangout on the roofTypewriters for sale all lined up before closing of multikultiAndrey helping pack at multikulti...he was a big help and a lot of funAndrey said "This is the best meal I've ever had," he was hungry!Taking Andrey for a stroll around UptownSelfy back in Jan of 2016Selfy back in Jan of 2016, Andrey love the smile here, tho a bit bluryResting at Tony's after coming back againOnly photo I have of Andrey hard at work on the typewriter at his apartmentThanks Giving 2015 at my momsThanks Giving at my moms with my step dad LesAndrey working off my laptop at the starbucks in July of 2016 before he went on his trip South WestSometime I think summer of 2015 Andrey lets me know a butterfly landed on meTaking Andrey for a Stroll around Uptown #2