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"These are summaries of correspondence, minutes,memoranda, manuscripts, reports, speeches and course material (such ascopies of examination questions) of William Herbert Page, professor oflaw from 1917 to 1948. The bulk of the correspondence relates to thepublication of the various editions to Page’s digrst of Ohio statuesand consists chiefly of correspondence with his publisher, the W. H.Anderson Company, and with his collaborator, H. L. Connett. There arealso several folders of miscellaneous correspondence. Thecorrespondence covers the period from 1909 to 1932, with the greaterportion falling within the 1920’s. In addition to the correspondencefiles, there are two boxes of miscellaneous materials, scatteredthroughout the period from 1903 to 1930. Included herein are suchmaterials as several drafts of a manuscript, "Professor Ehrlich’sLiving Law"; correspondence and legal briefs for the NationalEngineering Company litigation (1914-1916); and Page’s draft of theagreement between the University Regents and the trustees of theNational Teachers’ Seminary of Milwaukee (1927), whereby the Seminar’strustees turned over their assets to the University. Two small foldersof materials on the Division of Social Studies and the UniversityCommittee have been removed from Page’s file and may be found under theappropriate organization."
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