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Sytek and Davies brought a mix of sounds to Oakton, March 27th 2007
By Jason Page

Rick Davies & Jane Syteck's music was filled with a mother like voice that is spiritually infused with the elements of progressive classic rock of the 70s with roots in American folk and jazz-- a style, when combined is simply eclectic and in a class of it's own. Rick and Jane say that their influence comes from the music of Eastern Europe, England as well as an influence of Eastern Philosophy.

Being eclectic is a part of their lives. On Rick's desk is a Bible, a couple of books on yoga, some martial arts literature and a Rolling Stones magazine. They have explored Eastern meditation, eat a vegetarian diet and practice martial arts. When Rick was identifying with the Aum symbol on their website he said the "underlying fabric that...connects religion, martial arts, business, music, science, commerce and all people" is representative of the Aum. The Aum "signifies the unifying principle that ties together the stars, heavens and universe" said Rick.

Rick and Jane met through a friend that was playing matchmaker. Later that friend who was into astrology at the time apologized after discovering that Rick and Jane shared the same Birthday. "Its a good thing that astrology is not an exact science" said Rick. Rick and Jane have been together for 25 years performing together at colleges and private town and house events.

Jane leans toward classical and acoustic material and Rick tends to the "vibey stuff" like The Doors or Donovan. They both also listen to new material like Ani DiFranco. Their influences lean more to the 70's "where each band had their own, distinct sound," bands including Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull and others. Today, they hang out in the Indie market.

Rick & Jane's most recent CD "From the Shadow of the Citadel" was put together over a period of 7 years during Rick and Jane's legal fight to save a boy from an abusive family. They won the fight and changed some laws in the process.

In a copyright frenzy world Rick and Jane give some leeway: "We tell students to feel free to trade tracks or make a few copies for friends or their little sisters within reason...we are pretty relaxed about all that CD copy stuff."

Rick and Jane have performed twice before at Oakton and they are pleased to come back. "Oakton is one of our favorite return shows!!"

Visit their website at:
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